Nicolle thinks her mom’s is the best darn stuffing in the world!  This stuffing is served in squares, soaks up gravy and is even great the next day, leaning over the kitchen sink scarfing it back cold like an animal. hahaha


1 LOAF BREAD (white or wholewheat) 2-3 days old is best or once cubed let ‘dry’ out on a cookie tray for two hours)
1/4-1/2 CUP SUMMER SAVORY (dried)
1  ONION-OPTIONAL (medium size/chopped well)
1 cup MELTED BUTTER (or margarine) (hmmmm butter)
6 EGGS (beaten well)

Step one
: Place cubed BREAD in a LARGE mixing bowl, toss in CHOPPED ONION and SUMMER SAVORY.
Step 2: Drizzle MELTED BUTTER over the bread/onion/savory mix and toss til coated.
Step 3:Pour in BEATEN EGGS and toss or work gently with hands this all the egg is absorbed.
Step 4: Press stuffing mixture into a 9X13inch cake pan and **COVER with greased foil** until last 5 mins.  Cook for 20-25 mins @ 350.

Step 5: SLICE into squares, serve and enjoy.


Here’s a pic of Nicolle’s mom Ann…and yes, she isn’t going to be happy this pic is here, lol

stuffing queen