The Tragically Hip have impacted multiple generations of Canadians, and here at JACK, we believe the legacy of Gord Downie should carry on as part of our national fabric. Canada needs a national “Gord Downie Day”!

Gord Downie Day


When the news broke that The Tragically Hip’s frontman, Gord Downie, had been diagnosed with such a rare and incurable form of brain cancer, JACK and Vancouver Mayor, Gergor Robertson, declared July 26th “Tragically Hip Day” in Vancouver.

Now, we are asking Canadians from coast to coast, to come together in remembrance and celebration of Gord Downie’s legacy and help declare a nation-wide “Gord Downie Day”. It’s also our chance to continue Gord’s fight. This day of recognition could also be used to continue the fight against cancer, and specifically glioblastoma.


By signing this petition, we are directly requesting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaim a national day for Gord.



Thanks for your support, Canada.



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