Mike Wanchic met John Mellencamp in 1976….and so their journey in music began.

In the span of these 42 years, Mike Wanchic has enjoyed a front row seat in birth of the rock dynasty of John Mellencamp.

From working in the studio as a guitarist and producer to bringing the biggest rock songs to life on stage, Mike Wanchic is an integral part of the John Mellencamp sound.  Truly passionate artists never stop exploring
and for MIke Wanchic this lead to building his own studio. Many fine talents have found creative success at the expert hands of Wanchic, including The Fray, whose massively successful ‘How to Save a Life’  was recorded in Wanchic’s studio.


Listen to the full interview with MIke Wanchic….We discuss his relationship with John Mellencamp, his studio,
one of the finest talents he has ever produced and what we can expect on stage this weekend….