WET NOSE WEDNESDAY brought to you by Portland Street Honda !  This is TOOT – Isn’t she cute !  HA   Toot is a 10 year old girl — who was dropped off at the SPCA because of a bad flea allergy !   She is doing much better now and is ready to go home.  She’s a loving, gentle, and playful cat. She has an outgoing personality, and will meow to ask for pets and affection from her humans. She is extremely gentle with adults and children and doesn’t ever use her claws, even playfully. Toot will be a great cat for a family, a couple, or a single person, she is a great catch and will bring joy to whatever home she ends up in!  She would be best in a home where she is the only animal and she needs to be fed a Urinary S/O or C/D diet.   Visit Toot at the SPCA in Burnside today    #wetnosewednesday #nsspca #adopt

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