Sorry, Goonies fans: It looks like rumors of a sequel are just rumors after all.


Sorry for the language …

The murmurs came about after Corey Feldman and Goonies co-star Sean Astin appeared together at NostalgiaCon in September.

TMZ caught up with Feldman on Tuesday in New York and asked him straight-up about a Goonies reunion.

“What Goonies reunion? There ain’t no damn Goonies reunion!” he responded lightheartedly.

“We did a few Comic-Cons, just appearances together. But that was it. There’s no campaign, and there’s no Goonies 2 happening.”

Feldman added that he also has a full slate of projects brewing, including finishing his documentary.

Is anyone else as disappointed as we are!?

Here’s the original trailer, to help heal our wounds </3

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