Musician, Actor, Author, Producer and Champion for Good, Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea) is passionate about his foundation A Dollar A Day as is evident in his interview with Nicolle.

A Dollar A Day is a foundation which turns your pocket change into real and effective change for the many Canadians experiencing the mulit-faceted devastion of mental illness.

54%-the increase in depressive disorders between 1990 and 2015

Ony 1 in 5 Canadian Children will receive the mental health services they need

3rd highest: Canada’s Youth Suicide in relation to the rest of the industrialized world.

$51 BILLION: The annual economic loss attributed to mental illness in Canada


Alan Doyle recently stopped into Landing Strong in Windsor to donate $15, 000 from A Dollar A Day.

Read all about his stop in this HalifaxToday article.


Spread the word about both of these amazing initiatives!!!!



((Photo credit @alanthomasdoyle/Twitter)