WET NOSE WEDNESDAY — This beauty is Eva.  She is a very charismatic, active and intelligent girl. She loves nothing more than to stretch those legs. Her favorite is a good play with the tennis ball then to cuddle up on your lap at the end of the day. She is adorable and very affectionate; she strives to be the center of your world. Her morning greetings are everything! Her entire body wiggles and paws barely touch the floor as she makes her sleepy way towards you.  Eva had a rough start in life and it has left her with some insecurity: she is doing better with car rides but doesn’t look forward to them; high pitched beeps (like the smoke detector) give her a very bad scare; she doesn’t make friends with other dogs or other animals. Eva would thrive in a home with adults and older children. She is strong willed but learns quickly and is food motivated; she loves cheese!  She is loved and she loves big!   Can you make Eva the queen of her castle ?   Visit her today at the SPCA in Burnside