WET NOSE WEDNESDAY — How can you not love these faces !   These cuties are Max and Mugsy !   They are both 12 years old, male Shih Tzu mixes — surrendered to the SPCA by their previous owner.
• Max is the newest candidate for our SPCA Palliative Care Program because he is in early stages of kidney disease. After he goes home with you the SPCA will continue to pay for his medical care. This can easily be managed and he can still live a comfortable and full life.
• Both are affectionate and sweet. Max is more likely to come onto your lap for snuggles where as Mugsy prefers head pats.
• Looking for a quiet home with no other dogs as Mugsy only likes to compete with Max for attention
• To meet Max and Mugsy and see if they are the perfect addition to your family, simply go to www.novascotiapsca.ca/adoptionprocess and fill out an application for an appointment