Bake Sales for Wagging Tails


Feb 21



The Nova Scotia SPCA wants YOU to have a Bake Sale that really gets those tails wagging!

“It’s super easy – sign-up online for free, host a pawty, and donate the raised funds to help furry friends in need! ???? The top fundraiser will be crowned with naming the next litter of adorable SPCA kittens! ????

If you’re not a baker or sweets aren’t your thing, that’s totally okay! ???? You can host any type of pawty in support of the SPCA. Pizza days, movie nights, or even casual days at work can be in celebration of Bake Sales for Wagging Tails. The pawsibilities are endless! ???? Whatever is a treat for you is a treat for them.

Sign-up today for FREE and we’ll send you a Pawty Animal Host kit to help you get started. ???? Check it out here: Happy baking!” –


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