Jun 1


Scotiabank Centre, Halifax



The PBR Monster Energy Tour showcases Canada’s top cowboys and some of the top PBR international athletes as they battle the rankest bucking bulls!!

It’s man vs. beast wrapped in the glitz and glamour that only the PBR can provide!!


Halifax is the 7th stop on the PBR Canada’s 2019 Monster Energy Tour.

  • The Monster Energy Tour returns to Halifax.
  • The PBR is NOT a rodeo – it’s over two hours of intense bull riding action!
  • During one night of heart pounding, bone crushing action, fans can look forward to seeing a star-studded lineup of athletes.


  • 600 tons of dirt is brought in each weekend for a PBR event.
  • Over 50 bucking bulls are brought to the event.
  • It takes a crew of 30 people setting up for 36 hours for the show to take place.
  • An average PBR bucking bull weighs 1700lbs – 2000lbs.
  • An average bull rider weighs 140lbs.


  • Rank – A bull that is very difficult to ride is considered “rank”.
    • “That bull right there, he’s a rank one, I tell ya.”
  • Cover – When a rider “covers” his bull, he has successfully ridden a bull for 8 seconds.
    • “Hell yeah, he covered that one!”
  • Chaps – Most people mispronounce this word. Say it with an ‘S’, like “shaps”.
  • Draw – An event’s list of bull riders and the bulls they are paired with.
  • Down In The Well – A saying used by riders to describe a situation in which a bull is spinning in one direction and the force of the spins pulls the rider down the side of the bull into the motion’s vortex.
    • “Ah, he’s done for! He’s got him down in the well!”
  • Fades – A bull that fades during a ride moves backward while simultaneously spinning or or bucking in one or more directions.
    • “Oh shucks, he’s gonna buck him off ’cause he’s fadin’ fast.”
  • Muley – A term used to describe a bull without horns.
    • “He done got stepped on by the brown muley.”


Get your tickets NOW! The price will increase by $5 on the day of the show!

Doors open at 6PM and the show starts at 7PM!!



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