Griff & Caroline in the Morning

Weekdays 6am - 10am
Griff & Caroline in the Morning will make you laugh your way out of bed! And hey, be part of the show... let them know what you are thinking, share a joke, traffic tips and more: CALL 902-484-0929 + TEXT 929 929 Brought to you by Ultimate Home Comfort, Atlantic Canada's Experts in Propane & Gas Home Heating

Alex Carr

Weekdays 10am - noon
Alex is from the Maritimes but has lived all over Canada. He’s worked many jobs from a cook in a fast food restaurant to concierge at a fancy hotel. He was even tazed while working at a call centre. He beat flesh eating disease but lost to grade 10 math twice. He does stand up comedy and hopes to add some laughter to your day weekdays from 10am-noon.

The Whatever Lunch with Scotty Mars

Weekdays noon - 1pm
Every weekday from Noon to 1pm, Scotty Mars serves up your most decadent requests! Call in 902-484-0929 or TEXT 929 929.

Scotty Mars At Work

Join Scotty Mars At Work for random talking points, your go-to for Marvel vs DC debates and the Maestro of the Whatever Lunch -text 929 929~

Afternoon Drive with Nicolle

Weekdays 3pm - 6pm
Your afternoon cheer queen, Nicolle loves joining you for the drive home weekdays from 3-6!

80s and 90s Whatever Weekends

Fridays 1pm - Midnight Sundays
There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure … only pleasure, especially during the 80s and 90s Whatever Weekends kicking off every Friday at 1pm.

Saturday Night House Party

Saturdays 8pm - midnight
Join JACK every Saturday night for a pants off, dance off featuring all your favourite non-stop party hits from 8-midnight. The best JACK tunes we could find to help you get the party started. Get up, get down, get busy, get together, get lucky, get rocked, get it started, get ready and come and get it, it’s the Saturday Night House Party.


Our fun and fiesta team of JACK 92.9 ROADIES are presented by Ultimate Home Comfort, Atlantic Canada’s largest Napoleon Dealer.  Tell us about YOUR EVENT and our JACK ROADIES could join in the fun.... for FREE!  EVENT SUBMISSION LINK HERE



Wet Nose Wednesday

Wednesdays around 8:30am
Tune in to hear about fuzzy, lovable friends you could adopt!

JACK @ Work

Weekdays 9am - 5pm
Tune in weekdays 9AM to 5PM! Brought To You By Nova Doors And Windows.


Weekdays 7:30am
At 7:30 every weekday morning with Griff and Caroline check-in on all the latest gossip, entertainment news, up-to-date info -- EVERYTHING you need to know to keep up with all the talk around the office.